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The purpose of clcal is to provide a terminal-based on-screen reminder of appointments, important dates, and other events over a pre-defined range of days.

I wrote it because I often forget to check my calendar for appointments, either because I'm too busy (!) to check, or I get sidetracked by e-mails and telephone calls. However, I always login!

clcal is not designed to store and display huge amounts of information. It is just for brief reminders.

The features of clcal include:

links to similar projects

(In no particular order.)

pal calendar
A really nice command line calendar, with lots of features including full month view like cal. Well worth considering. Provides more options than I really want to deal with (personally speaking ;-)

Very complex, lots of options. We are simply not worthy.

wmCalendar - a calendar dockapp
A nice GUI-based calendar which can interface with iCalendar data (Evolution/Mozilla Calendar etc). The only GUI calendar I'm going to mention here. :-)

Curses-based text-based visual calendar/scheduling program.

Python/Curses-based calendar/journal/diary & todo list program. Some nice features, this is worth a look.

Perl-based, extremely simple personal calendar program, aimed at the Unix geek who wants something minimalistic. (Hmm, sounds familiar.)

Menstruation calendar
Does what it says on the tin. Excellent stuff.

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